This site has been created for those of us who love and respect
Ethel Keating Gerbus
or as she is known to my sisters and me "Grams"

Ethel at age 78
Grams at 78

The following links are to some fantastic pictures and short stories about Grams and the full life she has led.

If after viewing them you realize there is a story and/or a picture you would like to share, please send it to me.  I'll be happy to post it.

Made in Cincinnati
With two of her sisters
1st grade class photo
Big Beautiful Bow
8th grade graduation
Check out those dimples
Charleston dancing
Ramon and Nita
Grams the cowgirl
The Happy Honeymooners
Lou cuts Ethel's hair
Trying to strike it rich in Julian
Lou and Ethel
Dressed up and on the town
Grams Takes Flying Lessons
Ethel the Sports Fan
Grams Turning 92
And of course Ethel's kids
** Grams 95th B-day Brunch **

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